We do all types of permanent tattoos. Some categories of tattoos are tribal, old school tattoos, new school tattoos, biomedical tattoos, animal tattoos, signs and symbols tattoos, zodiac tattoos, Japanese tattoos, fairies and angels tattoos, fantasy tattoos, realistic tattoos, portraits, Celtic tattoos, bird tattoos, floral tattoos, religious tattoos, fish tattoos, mythological creature tattoos, dragon tattoos, dark tattoos, Polynesian tattoos, calligraphic tattoos, script tattoos, gothic tattoos, foreign tattoos, contemporary, etc

In view of the current 'hygiene' situation, we at LUCKY-7 take proper care to see that your tattoo is done in an extremely neat, clean & healthy manner.

It is mandatory for any artist of LUCKY-7 to wear a fresh pair of latex gloves before making a new tattoo. The equipment and materials used at LUCKY-7 are sterilized disposable equipment meant for one time use only.

The tattoo machines we use are high quality tattoo machines bought from UK,USA & Germany. The needles are imported from UK and USA. These are disposable sterilized (EO Gas) needles for 1 time use only. We only use non-toxic, pure organic pigments (water or oil based) which are 100% safe on the human skin with no known side-effects. These are imported from Europe, UK & East Asia (Singapore & Malaysia). We do not use China made products.

Custom Tattoos

We customize tattoos based on your specifications. These designs are exclusively drawn and articulated for you by our artists. If you have a concept or idea on mind, you can discuss it with us and we will come up with a design that fulfills the criteria of the concept that you have in mind. Creating a real-life image from the client's description and pictures can prove to be difficult. So it is important that the client gives us enough time and does not mind dropping in at the studio a few times before the final sketch is approved and he receives the exact artwork he specified, and the highest quality tattoo possible.

A tattoo made to cover or conceal something is called a cover up-tattoo. Cover-up tattoos are done to cover badly done tattoos, worn out tattoos, tattoos that you have gone bored with etc. Basically if you have a tattoo that just doesn't appeal to you for whatever reason and you want to get rid of it, getting a cover-up tattoo will be lesser expensive and much lesser painful than getting it removed entirely.

Clinical Tattoos

Cover-ups are also done to cover unwanted marks like burn marks, surgery marks etc. Marks from skin problems like vitiligo, eczema etc can be covered either by making a design tattoo on it or by filling in with skin color ink to merge with your skin.